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Wil on snowplowBirch trees in the sunset       As you can see by my photos and art work, I like the cool, calm, peace of the outdoors. You may encounter, though, as you breeze through the website, more than the blue skies of spring, balmy breezes of summer, the blaze of fall’s colorful serenade or the icy blue, white crust of winter. An array of sights may feel like the song of a spring robin or the bitter sting of an Artic storm.

I’ve never been one to settle for the ordinary.

       For a great deal of my life, I’ve lived in an area known for unstable weather. Michigan has a temperament that only a Diva understands. Its weather pattern is relegated to the whims of the Great Lakes and below freezing temperatures of an Artic gale. On a July trip ‘up north’, in the height of summer, I packed for a warm, if not hot, weekend get-away. Surely it would be in the high seventies. Shorts, sleeveless tops, suntan lotion. Not to my dismay but as a test of fortitude and adaptation skills, I encountered high winds, a daytime of forty-five chilling degrees. Fireplace, plenty of cut wood boosted damp spirits. But then came a night sky filled with so many stars, it took my breath away. Bundled in blankets, in front of a campfire, roasted hot dogs were this gourmand’s delight.

day lily in full bloomWil on the beach       I’ve moved on now. New home, new sights. Of course, I’ve settled where another unpredictable element heightens the intrigue about nature. Raleigh, North Carolina is about mid-way from where and there. A mild winter, northerners thinks so, and a hot summer. Hot, a defining word. Ice storms or hurricanes, what road should I take? Another phase in life, time to slow down or speed up. It all depends on the ‘real’ of me. What will I write, paint or capture through the lenses. I have no set hours for creating, no theme, no programmed requirements. Yes, expectations.

       Days full of flowers, rain or shine.

       I’m still all four seasons. Those lessons of life, step ladder learning, took me through the cold, the heat, thunder storms and washed out beaches. Life is a constant shuffle, a flow, an upset, a dichotomy, a smile. Spring, summer, fall, winter. A turn of events make me laugh until I cry. Or cry until the sunsets and it inspires the hand to reach for a paint brush, or fingers to work on the next chapter.

Please click here to read "No Matter," Bould Award Anthology 2020, 3rd place award (pdf)

WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHEN continues. WHY hangs like a clock on the wall. Forever ticking.

My Beach Buddyshoes in the sand       With this website I intend to reveal an eagerness to dive into everyday experiences. Those events, those stories you and I share become an ongoing reality.

       I’ve added some pictures too: the handsome fellow on the left; a beach buddy I met in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Captured via the lenses on the shoreline, five feet between us, he flaunted his grand masculine glory. How did I know this beautiful creature’s gender? A female would preen…fix herself for the camera.

       Yes, I am a writer. A varied past…youth brings distortions about who and what one can achieve. Wide-eyed at one time, wife, mother, nurse, explorer. Seasoned, writer, artist…I don’t know where one begins or the other ends. No one role is exceptional or universal. Life is an ongoing process.

I’m in the midst of understanding yesterday, discovering what tomorrow will offer.

       Shoes in the sand. Is this the next novel?

       In the meantime, I’ll share, Who, How, Where, When. The remarkable people I’ve encountered appear in my stories. Identity disguised by the license of fiction. Not all stories are delightful. The essence of life brings us glory, revelation, sadness. Our paths crossed, we’ve met again.

       Share your journey?

       I’ll share mine.

Please click here to read my short story "Dear Hunting!" (pdf)

Wil and her husband Bob enjoying a meal at an outdoor cafe.


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