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Updated 9 April ;2024


Dark Yonder book cover showing a woman at a barCrank It Up book cover shoing classic car       Below is a list of all of my published works that are available so far, along with ordering links directly to Amazon.com and other sources. I'll be adding several more short stories anthologies in 2023.

       During some relaxed moments, I take up a brush for painting whimsical flowers, still-life, and acrylic scenes. All of my artwork is for sale unless otherwise noted. Please take a look at my On Canvas page and don't forget to click on any photo for a larger view of anything that strikes your fancy.

TITLE Amazon Other
Black Cat Weekly #146, July 2024, featuring my short story "Under Cover,"   Order  
Thrill Ride – Gadgets which includes my short story Temporarily Detained Order  
Larceny & Last Chances: 22 Stories of Mystery & Suspense, which includes my short story Incidents and Intentions Order  
"Hell in a High Rise" edition of Punk Noir magazine, featuring my story Got a Job in Hellton Tower   Read
Mystery Tribune, containing is my humorous short story The Big Turkey.   Read
Dark Yonder: Issue 4, containing my short story A Strange Request at a Piano Bar. Order  
Kings River Life, 25 October 2023: read my short story Scot Free   Read
CRIMEUCOPIA: CRANK IT UP! featuring my short story The Road to Reconciliation (The Driver’s New Assignment). Order  
MALICE, MATRIMONY, & MURDER featuring my short story "Marriage, Neighbors and Best Friends" Order  
THRILL RIDE=-- UNLIKELY PARTNERS,  containing my short story "Huey and Madelyn: Dead Heat" Order!  
CRIMEUCOPIA: STRICTLY OFF THE RECORD, containing my short story "Unsolved Mystery" Order  
MORE GROOVY GUMSHOES: PRIVATE EYES IN THE PSYCHEDELIC SIXTIES, containing my short story "Blue Suede Shoes" Order Order from Down & Out Books
"Yellow Rose of Texas" is featured the February 2023 issue of Texas Gardener's Seeds   Read for Free
UNSPEAKABLE, containing my short story "Unfurled" Order  
Black Cat Weekly #32, containing my short story "Insieme" Order  
ASININE ASSASSINS anthology containing my short story "Just Call Wally" Order  
CRIMEUCOPIA, anthology containing short story "The Driver" Order  
BOULD* Awards 2021 Short Story Anthology (*Bizarre, Outrageous, Unfettered, Limitless, Daring), containing five of my short stories: "What Mary Did to Daniel ," "Come Uppenance," "Nano Second, Nano Sorry," "Sweet It Is," and "An Unexpected Reunion." Order  
BOULD* Awards 2020 Short Story Anthology (*Bizarre, Outrageous, Unfettered, Limitless, Daring), containing three of my short stories: No Matter"Mama's Boy -- The Tale of Edward and Sophia," and Honor Amongst the Rigid Loyals 2."
Read "No Matter" (3rd place winner in the 2020 BOULD Awards) for free (pdf)
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BOULD* Awards 2019 Short Story Anthology (*Bizarre, Outrageous, Unfettered, Limitless, Daring), containing two of my short stories: Oh, Henry and Honor Amongst the Rigid."
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