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Updated 12 June 2022


WIl next to a park bench       Writers write. That's what we do. Therefore, we always have at least one WIP (Work in Progress). Below are some of my novel-length projects, both complete and ready to order, and in- progress. Note: for information about the four novels in my Rosie MacIntosh series, please see myRosie MacIntosh Series page.




Eiffel Tower, Paris, France (Photo: Laurie Firth)       A vacation in Paris ends unexpectedly when two friends are abducted and held for ransom. On return to the U.S., Leslie shakes off the harrowing ordeal and returns to a routine life with her family. Carolyn, however, is being treated for PSTD and struggles with recovery in a Michigan mental facility. Before Carolyn trusts again, she must reconcile who’s to blame for the brutal abuse rendered by the captors.

       Approximately, 80K and in a contemporary setting, this mainstream novel is ready for publication.

Read an excerpt from DIMINISHING RETURNS!





"Any man may make a mistake, but none but a fool will continue in it." -- Cicero

Fatal Mistake Cover       When Sheriff Jacob Anderson is called to investigate the murder of notorious, Sam Nichols, he has little reason to believe the death will impact his life. Jake has little personal interest in Nichols But this murder is a first for small, sleepy Gibbon Glade, PA and the sheriff does have an interest in Gibbon Glade. It's been a haven for him and his wife, Carol and she is safe. He and the townspeople have long thought their town was immune to evil.

       Memories of Jake's past as a vice-detective in crime-ridden Detroit and secret pay-offs have had little relevance to the mundane pace for the county sheriff. The challenge in this investigation will be to get his inexperienced deputies up to speed. Jake will prove his worth now that he has a case with grit.

       However, before his team uncovers any clues to Nichols' death, a second murder occurs and shatters Jake's stalwart resolve. The State points a finger at Jake for the second sin and he turns to an old friend to help him wade through the mire. A deadly mistake or has the past caught up with the sheriff?

Fatal Mistake and my short story "Oh Henry"were featured at the 2015 Bouchercon World Mystery Convention! (For more information on the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, please see: http://www.bouchercon.info/)





Moon Shadow       Kathleen Wernette has married the man of her dreams. She's only nineteen but sure of her love for Evangelical Preacher Jacob Carr who's seven years her senior. He's divinely pleased about the union God has granted. But when two souls converge, one a naturalist at heart and the other a man of religious conviction and constraint, the outcome isn't guaranteed to be a match made in heaven.

       Kathleen and Jacob's passions are fueled by different sources. On their wedding night, Jacob wedges a holy book between them and the ecstasy of love is restrained by the purity of procreation. Jacob's hell bent determination not to spoil the sanctity of marriage with guileless passion leaves Kathleen with little desire to bring a child into the world. But they are legally married and what God joins together can't be easily parted by sexual dissatisfaction.

       After five years of dedication, five years of long, lonely nights, the unhappy bedfellows reach a milestone as they attain their personal accomplishments. Kathleen finishes her college education and teaches at the church's elementary school, and Jacob assumes the reins of his father and grandfather's church.

       But the lone act of betrayal by a man Jacob intends to save for his god's pearly gates forces the married couple to re-examine their union. Abducted during a winter storm, Kathleen endures a brutal assault and she has to re-evaluate the terms of her commitment. Jacob says turn the other cheek. Forgive and forget? Is a legal document good enough reason to hold on to disloyalty, a fractured marriage?

       Jacob's religious beliefs have not brought them closer together. Should Kathleen take the high road or pursue her dreams? When it's time for a decision to testify against her assailant who could be put away for a long time, she isn't prepared to make the commitment. She leaves Carrville in hopes of finding in herself the young women who chose love as a guiding force. If she reaches her North Carolina destination, will the shadowy past catch up with her?

       If Shades of Grey is a tantalizing portrayal of fantasy and sexual diversion, Moon Shadow is a mystifying revelation about religious conviction and a passionless marriage. From the day of Kathleen's late afternoon wedding until the sun rises five years later, Kathleen dances in the moon's shadow. Hanging on to hope in pursuit of an ideal love....

       Approximately 80K, Moon Shadow is ready for publication. The story is a good fit in the women's fiction or mainstream market. The controversial aspect of the story, structured religion pitted against secular beliefs and desire, can add to its market value.

       Moon Shadow is first of three in the Kathleen Wernette series. Book two is New Moon (see below), where Kathy finds a new career and confronts her pursuer. She wants Les Farrell dead but what effect will it have on the child she is carrying? Book three, Moon Light, with Jacob Carr back in her life, reveals Kathy's need for emotional support while she raises the child of the man who assaulted her. Love and commitment keep Kathy at odds with what she wants out of life.

       Publishers and agents: For a sample of Moon Shadow, please feel free to contact me at: emersonwila37@gmail.com


Moon Shadow





New Moon       The sequel to Moon Shadow is set in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Kathleen Wernette is on a mission to revisit old opportunities that went unfulfilled. She meets two young lawyers in need of an office assistant and commits to a new job, but it means she must reveal some issues about her past. If she leaves a paper trail, her Michigan connections will know her whereabouts.

       The new position is wrought with increasing danger. A young woman commits suicide in the office and one lawyer is suspected of an unsavory relationship with the victim. Immediate danger lurks when Les Farrell, the man who abducted her, discovers where she works. Again, Kathleen finds herself in a net of deceit.

       Entangled by a fruitless marriage back home and a man who will do anything to possess her, Kathleen has no recourse but to defend herself. Will she ever be able to tell the truth if she brings a child into the world?





Springtime       It was never easy to live in the shadows of two famous people but April Weber finds it even harder when her employer is murdered and she is accused of the crime. Now she has to prove she is innocent while she grieves over the loss of the man who could never admit he was her father.

       SPRINGTIME is my current work in progress, and I promise more about April Weber in a few months!




Stunning Day Lily


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